Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family trip to Taiwan (part 1)

This post is going to be on my family trip to taiwan last month, February. It has been very long since my family has gone on a trip together. When I was still young, we went to countries like Thailand, South Korea, China etc etc but when me and my brother grow older, we hardly have any time to go overseas. I guess it happens to most of the families now. My family has decided on Taiwan as I am continuing my last semester exchange here and they can come to take a look at my school, my hostel and I can plan the itinerary and take them tour around! We have covered most of the major cities in taiwan, including taipei, taichung, tainan and kaohsiung.

We booked a cab ( in taiwan its called 包车 ) for the day and the taxi driver drove us to some of the places of interests around taipei. This was the Pacific Ocean. I really love this place and it was extremely windy and the waves were very strong. It was a breathtaking view!

My happy mother who secretly loves her photo being taken.

This was one of the few precious photos that every member in family SMILES. Hence, I really love this photo a lot, so going to develop this!!

The following photos were taken at yehliu, and we got to queue for a couple of minutes to take photo with the famous "Queen" stone structure there.

After Yehliu, we visited a seafood restaurant recommended by the taxi driver and my father was kind enough to invite him for lunch together. Here are some of the seafood we had, I thought it was rather expensive as the whole meal costs about SGD$150 even in taiwan. I have come across cheaper seafood lah.

Isn't the waterfall beautiful??

Went to jiufen and shifen in the late afternoon. It was raining heavily on that day, hence we didn't spent too much time at these destinations.

Shifen train station`

We bought a sky lantern to write our wishes down and unlike Singapore, the sky lantern can fly really high up into the sky. Following are photos of everyone busy writing their wishes down...

AND... WE ARE ALL READY TO LET GO OF OUR SKY LANTERN! Photos taken by the shop-keeper there. He gave us instructions to turn our lantern around so that all the 4 sides can be taken and seen..

Thats all.. for taipei. I didnt know its so tiring to write such a long post. But, Im satisfied :)

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