Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Taichung Nantou ~

Finally, I have visited the places that I really wanted to go in Taichung- Qingjing Farm and Sun Moon Lake! They are both the must visit places in Taiwan and I am so glad I had the chance to do so before I leave Taiwan very soon :'(

The trip was last weekend. We went on a group of 6 people coming from 4 different countries: Taiwan, China, Japan and of cos, I am representing Singapore :P My friend calls it “国际化之旅”, how true is that!! And we all have a common interest, BADMINTON(and that's how we know each other):) Planning a group trip is difficult but I am glad that we took just 1.5 weeks to do so as time is really running out.

We decided to book a taxi from Kaohsiung to Taichung Nantou and rush back to Kaohsiung at night(yes, all in one day), hence we all woke up super early and set off in the wee early hours(6am) to Taichung nantou, where Qingjing Farm is located at. It was a 3 hours plus journey and we seized the chance to sleep on the cab. It was about 9.30am when we reached there, just in time for the 绵羊秀(Sheep show) which they only have it on the weekends. The cab driver told us that previously, sheep shows were available on weekdays too but they seem to change it to only weekends now D:

Can't wait to touch the sheep~

Many visitors:)

At the end of the show, we were allowed to bring some of the sheep skin back, see their happy faces :D

You get to horse-ride for NT150 but we did not since we don't think its worth the money, but I would want to if there's a chance next time D:

Discussed for quite sometime what to pose for our first shot and we ended up with this lol. So not creative~ hahaaha

Stairway to nature's GOODNESS

Saw a bunch of cute little kids and Karen was so eager to take a group photo with them

Look at the green pasture behind, so awesomely beautiful :))

We were so near to the clouds, which makes our photo looks blurry too :( But, the air was so fresh and the weather was so cooling up here~ Around 19 degree celsius!

The handsome guys, forced by Karen to take a photo with the backdrop which they initially refused to do so hahah

Our last group photo before we left Qingjing~

These are the 2 value-for-money stuff I bought at the farm! The sheep oil body lotion (NT180) and sheep oil lip balm (NT100), the conversion rate now is around 23.4, so if you do your calculations, it's really cheap consider that the 550ml lotion is less than SGD$8! I have applied it and it is very moisturizing and not too oily on your skin, just right for me :D The lip balm's scent is good for moisturizing the lips too ;)

Next stop was 埔里 (puli), which is just a 30-40min ride away from Qingjing. Inside is like a supermarket that sells a lot of wine products and snacks to bring back home:)

You have to visit this stall for their egg rolls and cereal rice cake!!! We can't stop sampling and we all each bought back the egg rolls and rice cake home. The rice cake tasted good after you eat it out from the fridge, while the egg rolls tasted well after toasting it. Now I learn a new way to make egg rolls taste better ;) It's the first stall on your right when you enter, easily recognizable. There are also a wide range of wine flavored items like popsicles, cakes, sweets, chocolates, sausages and many more for sample testing :)

The second floor is a Wine musuem which they showcase a selection of chinese wines and their history. Apparently, Puli is famous for their "4Ws": Weather, women, wine and water. They have a mild climate all year round and blessed with fresh water, which gives the wine a fine taste I guess :)

Our third stop, Sun Moon Lake :D

It started drizzling on our way there and we were very disappointed as there was no point taking the ferry and tour the island as the vision was bad. To compensate for that, we braved the rain and took a photo with the lake with our umbrellas haha!

There's a short street selling food and souvenirs near the lake, and they are famous for their red tea which you can probably try if you are a tea lover~

It was already 5 plus and we had to leave for fengjia night market ! :) It took us around 1.5 hours to reach there and as usual, we were sleeping on our way.

The ever crowded fengjia night market! It takes a lot of effort and patience to walk from one point to the other because there are just too many people! No doubt Fengjia is still one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan which is worth to go as it offers a huge selection of 美食. So be on an empty stomach when you are heading there :P

This braised pork bun which cost only less than SGD$2 and it was so filling and yummy! Highly recommended, I think there are a few stalls selling this, very easy to recognize heh :P

We were craving for dessert and this was my second time eating at the stall, they serve a wide selection of dessert (shaved ice) and we ordered 2 for the 6 of us to share. The serving was just right for our tummies!

Left Fengjia at 9.30pm and took the cab all the way back to kaohsiung which was around 2.5 hours(faster at night because of lesser cars). Dead tired but I enjoy the laughter with this bunch of guys ! :> Looking forward to our next trip ! xx

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