Friday, May 17, 2013


Since my memory of Taitung is still fresh, I am going to start writing now:) Went to Taitung ystd from Kaohsiung with my mum, my grandmother, my uncle and Alf. I arranged a day trip there because I don't wish to bring them to shopping malls for the 3 days and all the tourist attractions in Kaohsiung have mostly been covered in the previous trip with my family.

It was a 3 hours plus cab ride and it was already 1 plus when we reached there. We had our lunch at 原生应用植物园 (Yuan Sen Botanical Garden). Vege lovers and anyone who would love to have a healthy meal will falling head over heels with the restaurant there which offers a variety of vege that you can hardly find elsewhere. The entrance ticket that you buy at the counter (around NT380+10% service charge) allows you to take a walk in the garden and also buy your meal ticket :) ( 2 in 1, sounds like a good deal? )

It's like a steamboat buffet style and everyone has an individual hotpot and there's many medicinal herbs which are grown locally that you can pick to put it in your pot ;)

My pot~

After a hearty meal, we took a walk in the garden! It was just S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R ;D

Spot what's behind!!

Don't miss this place, esp for plant lovers :)

The next stopover which is just a 10 mins drive is 初鹿牧场 (Chu Lu Ranch). It is a place for milk processing and production and the pasture serves as an ecological role which makes it an awesome destination for families. Children can enjoy milking the cows or horse riding around the breathtaking pasture. They have shops selling local dairy products too.

Looking at the pasture sets my heart at peace.

My mother posing because I told her that she is always looking too serious hahhaa


We spent only about 40mins there as there wasn't any much time left as we need to be back to Kaohsiung early for my grandmother to rest. The next destination was to a "Miracle" place...

The words on the rock explain that by right, "Man goes up while water runs down" but this stream of water seems to act against the law of gravity. Hence, it is a mysterious phenomenon which many people don't understand. We did not believe at first so we threw a leave into the water, and it was really flowing upstream, 好神奇!!

The last stop that the driver brought us to was "Tungho Bridge" where the place reminds me of Hualien but the latter is definitely more worth going :)

All in all, I would say Taitung is quite an underrated tourist attraction and there are so many more places that I didn't have the chance to go as one day is definitely not enough for us. Nature lovers will definitely love Taitung ;) I would recommend the really good hot spring (知本温泉)and " Terrace of the three immortals" (三仙台) which I will love to go some other day!

Ok, time to study for my test in a few days time... Really happy that I am able to see my mum for the past few days and also gave me an excuse to skip a week of school :P


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